The company's product categories are complete, good quality, excellent price, to meet the all-round needs of customers!
Guangzhou Baizuan Stage Lighting Equipment Co., Ltd.
( Formerly PUNUOSI Lighting )

The company is a stage lighting manufacturing enterprise integrating R&D, design, production, sales, installation, commissioning and service. 

The main production of stage lighting equipment: computer beam light series, computer moving head lamp series, LED dyeing lamp series, LED film and television lamp series, LED moving head lamp series, chasing light series, laser light series, strobe light series, smoke machine liquid, performance equipment, console series, accessories series, etc.

Products are widely used in: stage, dance hall, KTV private room, radio, television station, banquet hall, multi-function hall, auditorium, gymnasium, hotel, opera house and film and television entertainment and other places.

Professional Systems Engineering
For many years, he has been focusing on the design, construction and maintenance of cultural tourism lighting, KVT lighting and other projects.
Advanced R&D Technology
More than 60 excellent professional and technical team, a number of outstanding professionals in the lighting industry.
Perfect Service System
The salesman who is specially stationed follows up the after-sales, and the technicians solve the after-sales problems in a timely and effective manner.
Factory Direct Supply
Stable product quality, national joint warranty, complete series, one-stop procurement, to meet different needs.
Rich Industry Experience
Years of professional lighting engineering experience; Cases of cooperation for individual overall solutions.
Factory direct sales, large quantity from excellent, official quality, excellent partner of stage engineers!
Understand the latest information in the industry, get the latest knowledge, and win the future information!
24-hour service, your recognition, is our driving force!


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